Sorrel Drink and my first Giveaway!!!

I heard birds chirping the other day and got excited, I got even more excited when I say the cherry blossoms in my neighborhood begin to blossom and was over the moon when I heard the weather forecaster say that we won’t be hearing the words wind chill until the fall! Spring is finally in the air and what better way to kick it off with a cool drink and my very first giveaway. 

Sorrel drink is made from the sepals of a certain variety of the hibiscus flower. In the West Indies it is primarily served around Christmas time and on special occasions. It is so easy to make however, that you can serve it throughout the year. Sorrel can be found in most African and West Indian stores.

1 cup dry sorrel flower
5 cups of water
12 cloves
1 stick cinnamon
1 tsp grated ginger (optional)
Sugar to taste (About ½ cup)
Place all the ingredients except the sugar in a pot.
Boil for 15 minutes.
Allow to cool (can also leave it over night).
Strain the liquid into a jar.
Add sugar, stir until dissolved.
Chill and serve with “loud” ice!
AND now for the giveaway!
I travelled to Botswana at the end of last year and brought back some kitchen goodies that I want to share. I am giving away a pot holder with elephant prints and a set of wooden giraffe serving spoons.

How to enter:
Like Sapodilla Brown Facebook page (Already a fan? Mention this in a separate comment)

Follow Sapodilla Brown on Twitter (Already following? Mention this in a separate comment)
Additional ways to win: 
Leave a comment anywhere on this blog
Share giveaway on twitter mentioning @SapodillaBrwn
Follow on Pinterest 
Must live in Canada or the US
Winner will be selected randomly
Giveaway will close on 4/21/2013
Winner will be announced on 4/22/2013
Thanks for stopping by J! Before you’re on to the next one leave a comment below and connect with me on Twitter and Facebook. One Love – SapBrown.

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2 thoughts on “Sorrel Drink and my first Giveaway!!!

  1. EMSFS April 22, 2013 at 5:04 am Reply

    Hi- Not sure if the giveaway has ended, but I ran across your blog and loved it. I decided to enter. Love your blog and the great recipe ideas. Thanks
    I follow you on FB and Twitter.
    emsfsemsfs at gmail dot com

  2. Geeta April 24, 2013 at 8:39 pm Reply

    Hi, did the give away end? Those items are gorgeous. I loved your sorrell drink. I tried it last week and my kids loved it too.
    I do hope you get to taste a perfectly ripened sapodilla. It is one of my favorite fruits. You can also find them in the local West Indian stores in Queens. I recommend Liberty Avenue, and the best way to ripen one if it is not sufficiently ripe is to put it in a bag of rice and let it sit for a day. My grandmother, another sapodillaphile taught me that trick.
    I love your blog. Keep brining the recipes.


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