A Tasty Cup of Lemongrass Tea

The other day I cooked a non-Guyanese dish with lemon grass. This was the first time I had cooked with lemongrass and I was pleasantly surprised at how the dish turned out. While talking to my cousin about the dish, she told me about the lemongrass tea that she used to drink while growing up in Guyana. Since I had a few lemongrass stalks remaining, I made myself a refreshing cup of lemongrass tea.


·         3 stalks lemongrass roughly chopped
·         3 cups water
·         Sugar and milk to taste


Bring water to a boil
Add lemongrass to boiling water and continue to boil for 2-3 minutes
Remove from heat, cover and let steep for about 5 minutes
Strain into tea cup or mug and add sugar and milk to taste

Freshly brewed lemongrass tea

For those of you who may be wondering, lemongrass has some health benefits. It is often used as a remedy for the common cold and flu, reducing fevers, cramps, arthritic pain and overall digestive health. 

Lemongrass tea with milk and sugar


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