A Taste of Nostalgia

I was craving some Setswana food the other day and decide to pull out my packet of A1 cornmeal AKA paleche, pap, sadza, hugali and hook it up. I was never very good at preparing palache but thanks to my Kenyan roommate, my skills have improved.

Palache as it is called in Botswana is similar to polenta except it is cooked to be a little stiffer.  It is normally served with meat, usually beef or goat and sautéed leafy green vegetables. I like to improvise, so instead of running to the store to get the necessary ingredients, I used what I had on hand, ground beef and cabbage.  It was simple, quick and finger licking good (the meal is traditionally eaten with your hands BUT, if you are like my Dad, you dine with a knife and fork, no matter what J). 


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